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Billings Bridge Plaza (upstairs near the food court) 2269 Riverside Dr. , Ottawa , Ontario , K1H 8K2 , Canada
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By Aaron B.

5 6 days ago

Best Guy Ever!

JS has been my go to for over ten years now. I went to him on recommendation from a friend, and I have never been disappointed. Great to talk to, he loves to listen and give his candid advice, and most importantly he works with you to give you the best cut you can have, wether you go in with an idea or are completely flabbergasted as to what to get. I'll be seeing him as long as he is working, and will not stop refering my friends to him.
By Christine

5 8 days ago


I just want to start of by saying that my hair was a complete disaster when I walked in. Boxed dye, roots and all just a hot mess. JS to the rescue. I don’t think I could have asked for a better stylist. He explained the entire process, from start to finish, made me feel completely comfortable and he is very warm and a great conversationalist. He turned my dark with very terrible grey roots to a beautiful coppery red. I couldn’t have asked for better. Thank you JS Cheers
By Kristy Busch

5 12 days ago

Stone Cold Fox

Coming out of restrictions of pandemic certain business are opening again, Precision Salon being one of them. I had called at approximately 12 or 1 pm to ask if they had room for an appointment THAT SAME DAY! I know what your thinking, fat chance! Amazingly enough Hilary (the receptionist) was so sweet to go out of her way to see if the owner (Dan) would take me. So my appointmnet for a cut and full dye was set for 5 pm. To give you context I went in with roughly shoulder length hair, roots came in about 3 inches and my hair was this terrible box dye concoction. When I left I had a pin straight bob and an ashy blonde/ice blonde colour. Im also very pale with freckles and blue eyes. I'm telling you I literally I looked like I got a makeover in America's Top Model because it looked like a high level fashion hair-do. When i got home I was so excited to show everyone my wonderful hair. I quote my friend that said "you look like a stone cold fox." I promise thats a good thing! Also wonderful atmosphere, everyone is clearly happy to work there and the working relationships are fun and refreshing.
By Shirley Roberts

5 17 days ago

Precision Styling Salon is Open, Yahoo!

This week, Maria Campolo worked her magic! She changed my shaggy overgrown hair into a sophisticated well-suited hair cut, as she always did before the Pandemic. The Salon takes extra steps to ensure the safety of their customers and staff. I felt quite comfortable. Shirley
By Jo-Ann Bonhomme

5 25 days ago

Suzii is the best!

I have been seeing Suzii for at least two years now. She is a super hair cutter and she is a very qualified colourist too! She is also very client focussed as well as a great human being. I highly recommend Suzii! Jo-Ann B.
By Inna

5 4 months ago

Highly recommend!

Mila is a great stylist and a wonderful person. I highly recommend her to anybody who is looking for a very pleasant and satisfying experience at the salon. She makes all her clients feel great and look beautiful.
By Keenan Della Penta

5 5 months ago

Keenan Della Penta

I have been seeing Becky for a few years now and I have to say she is the main reason why I have been going to precision. Her cuts are amazing but on top of her service is top notch. I highly recommend Becky to all your family and friends. I will be recommending Becky to everyone.
By Stacey and Jarod Cook

5 5 months ago
Heather has done my nails several times now. Both Manicures and Pedicures and she was fantastic and very thorough. I am always super pleased with my results:)
By Madison Walsh

5 7 months ago
Heather is knowledgeable, professional and experienced. She is extremely patient with all of your questions and answers them with such knowledge. She doesn't push anything on you. She educates you. I highly recommend!
By Madison

5 7 months ago
Morgan is an awesome Esthetician. She is kind and professional. She’s very knowledge of the products and goes above and beyond for her client and makes them feel relaxed and comfortable. Highly recommend Morgan!