Precision Styling

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Billings Bridge Plaza (upstairs near the food court) 2269 Riverside Dr. , Ottawa , Ontario , K1H 8K2 , Canada
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By dan

5 11 hours ago


By Tara

5 2 days ago

My hair always turns out great

I've been to see Suzii a few times now for my haircut and every time it's turned out great.
By Nicole

5 28 days ago

Excellent stylist

He took over an hour on my hair and it shows. The cut is excellent. He listened and did exactly as asked. If you are one of those who are nervous about getting your hair cut, this is the man to go to. You will walk out very satisfied.
By Rhiannon

5 a month ago

Beautiful blonde

Brenda did amazing with my bleach and tone. Very quick and painless application. She was able to fix my DIY mess of hair perfectly!
By Montana

5 2 months ago
Madison was an awesome Aesthetician! She was patient and kind. I went in with a chosen color only to change my mind before we started. She helped me choose a color but didn’t rush me. She would also walk through what her next steps were and have give me a reason, that I understood, of what she was doing. Highly recommend Madison!
By Jenn

5 3 months ago

A Wizard with Scissors

Wow wow wow! I’ve seen Becky a few times now and she is incredible!! She is so talented with cuts and colours and she gives the best head massage when she’s washing your hair (bonus). She’s the ONLY hairdresser I’ve ever had that actually does exactly what I want. She is so sweet and genuine, a great conversationalist and always makes sure that I’m comfortable and confident every step of the way, letting me know what she’s doing so that we’re on the same page. Becky is the only person I trust to do my hair, so I highly recommend her!
By Laura

5 3 months ago

Becky-ause she's worth it!

It was my first time at Precision Styling today, and Becky didmy hair today. I got a perfect haircut and an excellent service. Best hair stylist I have ever had the chance to encounter. I am definitely coming back and ask for an appointment with her. The salon name couldn't fit her better: she is a PRECISION STYLIST. Plus, she's friendly and joyful. Optimal experience :)

5 3 months ago

Best haircut Ever!

Found this place today on my lunch break and Becky did an awesome job with my cut. Was blown away with the quality of service. She took the time to wash, cut, trim and blend like only a professional could! All that while having a great conversation too! Thankyou again ! Just earned another loyal customer :)
By Danielle Mc

5 4 months ago

My first Brazillian Experience..A+++++

I had thought about how long my personal grooming was talking me simply shaving, and was always scared to take the next step and try body waxing. After talking to a few girlfriends, I was referred to Barb, and I finally decided to take the plunge..and BOY AM I SO HAPPY I DID! Not only do I love my new landscape, I was completely comfortable and at ease the ENTIRE TIME! If you are self conscious about someone seeing down there.. Barb instantly makes you forget your pants are down! With great conversation, and a gentle touch, I almost forgot what she was doing until she told me to roll on my side..I recommend her to EVERYONE! 10 Stars 😍
By Melissa

5 5 months ago


JS is the best I have ever seen. Great at not only doing my hair but everything flows conversationally. Last time I saw him he even recommended a great restaurant in Montreal for me to try since I was going there on vacation! Seriously just the best stylist you will ever have!