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By Inna

5 9 months ago

Highly recommend!

Mila is a great stylist and a wonderful person. I highly recommend her to anybody who is looking for a very pleasant and satisfying experience at the salon. She makes all her clients feel great and look beautiful.
By Sarah

5 Aug 9, 2018


Mila is a wonderful stylist. I have used her services for many years, and have always been happy with the results. She always listens to what you want, and aims to please! She is very experienced and offers great advice re. colour and cut. Not only does she have a great skill level, she is one of the loveliest people you will meet. She remembers everything and is truly interested in her clients.. Chatting with Mila is always a highlight of my appointment! You would not be disappointed if you chose Mila as your stylist, and I would not hesitate to recommend her... in fact, I have done so many time!
By Brenda

5 Aug 8, 2018

The best stylist on the planet!

Mila listens respectfully to her clients preferences and also can guide them to try new approaches to their look as she is so experienced and gifted in knowing how to create the best and easiest look for her clients. I have referred many satisfied friends to Mila and I am constantly asked where I get my haircut She is also a beautiful and kind person who came to my home to cut my daughter’s hair after she started chemotherapy so that Erin could have privacy and be comfortable. I have never seen anyone leave Mila’s chair without a smile on their face!

Mila has been working as a hairstylist for 10 years and has been a part of Precision’s team for 6 of them. Ever since she graduated from the Ottawa Academy School of Hairstyling Esthetics and Beauty, she has not felt like she had to work a day in her life. Mila loves her career and her passion about hair clearly shows in her work. She enjoys working with clients of all ages, making children feel comfortable, and adults very satisfied with their results. She believes that hairdressing is not a job, but a craft which she enjoys doing. Her favourite part about her job is to make people happy and give them the results they are looking for.