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By Ashlee

5 21 days ago

Amazing Service!

Dan helped me out with a colour correction. Even with his full schedule, he was able to fit me in and make my hair beautiful again. He wouldn't let me leave until I was completely happy and satisfied. I'm so grateful for my experience with Dan and am so pleased with his talent and his passion and dedication to his work. 100% recommend Precision Styling!! Thank you Dan!!!
By Kristy Busch

5 10 months ago

Stone Cold Fox

Coming out of restrictions of pandemic certain business are opening again, Precision Salon being one of them. I had called at approximately 12 or 1 pm to ask if they had room for an appointment THAT SAME DAY! I know what your thinking, fat chance! Amazingly enough Hilary (the receptionist) was so sweet to go out of her way to see if the owner (Dan) would take me. So my appointmnet for a cut and full dye was set for 5 pm. To give you context I went in with roughly shoulder length hair, roots came in about 3 inches and my hair was this terrible box dye concoction. When I left I had a pin straight bob and an ashy blonde/ice blonde colour. Im also very pale with freckles and blue eyes. I'm telling you I literally I looked like I got a makeover in America's Top Model because it looked like a high level fashion hair-do. When i got home I was so excited to show everyone my wonderful hair. I quote my friend that said "you look like a stone cold fox." I promise thats a good thing! Also wonderful atmosphere, everyone is clearly happy to work there and the working relationships are fun and refreshing.
By Jessica Thalen

5 Aug 13, 2018
I would recommend Dan to everyone because he is the best! Hands down! He is an expert with highlights. His hair cuts are amazing. If you haven’t tried Precision Styling yet, you should. You will not be disappointed.
By Alexandra Corriveau

5 Aug 13, 2018

The best!

Dan is the best stylist!! :)
By Heather Davis

5 Mar 30, 2018
Dan always ensures that my hair turns out looking fantastic. I have never been disappointed with anything he has done for me. Thanks for taking great care of me.
By Jordanah Nekechuk

5 Dec 8, 2017
Dan has been styling and colouring my hair for 10 years. I can’t imagine going to another salon. The team at Precision Styling is always warm and friendly - I always look forward to my appointments there. Dan is a confident and professional stylist. There’s nothing I wouldn’t trust him to try or do - without a doubt, my hair will always end up looking fantastic. Highly recommended!
By Oliver MacNutt

5 Dec 6, 2017
Dan is a great hairdresser. I’m always happy with the results. I would definitely recommend him!
By Jennifer

5 Nov 6, 2017
Daniele started making an impression by being the man who could fix all the other salons mistakes!! Until one day, a few years ago, I realized he is the best in town. His staff are nice, I never get thirsty (plenty of water and coffee), and the shampoo/head massages are exactly what anyone needs after a busy day! Daniele takes the time to get to know you and your style and I never leave disappointed. He seems to need little direction, and knows exactly what you want and what would look good. He ensures to be leading edge in his style, techniques, and Colors by taking trips to Europe to learn from top stylists. I highly recommend Daniele! Thanks for everything! Ps. Also recommend his spa, a pedi goes nicely before, during, or after a hair appointment ! :)

5 Nov 5, 2017
Dan has been my stylist for the last 5 years! I can say I never leave disappointed. Every time I go in to the salon Dan always has a new idea for my hair, and I LOVE it!! I love trying new things and he always exceeds my expectations! The staff is always friendly and welcoming and there's nothing better then walking into a salon where the staff knows you and treats you with kindness. I would def. recommend this salon (Dan) who's looking for something new and trendy.

Daniele was born into the hairdressing world. His father and grandfather were both stylists and each had there own salons in Canada and Italy. Growing up in a salon environment, hair was everything. Being around hair all the time made Dan realize he wanted to do this forever. This industry has taught him so much and he loves being able to share it with the stylist community! Daniele has been doing hair since 2005 and currently has 23 plus employees at Precision Styling and il Paradiso Spa in Ottawa.  He says the most important thing today is education and educating staff! Being with Sebastian has helped him grow into the stylist he is today. Traveling the world for hairshows in Paris, L.A., Las Vegas, Berlin and seeing a lot of different things and experiencing many different techqniques, cuts, placement and the endless world of hairstyling. This has taken his abilities and creativity to the next level and inspires him day in and day out at the salon. Which makes everyday just as exciting as the day before."Love is in the Hair!!!"