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By Christine

5 3 months ago


I have had the pleasure of having Natasha cut my hair for about almost 17 years now. I love that with Natasha all you have to do is explain your hair type and what you want, and she does it. Often I just tell her that I want to keep the length or go shorter and then just tell her to do what she wants or ask what she recommends. She is simply amazing at what she does. Color, cutting, styling, layers, blending.. and the list can go on. I highly recommend her
By Johanne

5 Dec 16, 2019

Amazing Hairsylist

I have been going to see Natasha for a little over a year now. She is the best hair stylist that I have had. The first time I saw her, I told her what I was looking for and she did exactly that. I schedule only with her now, she's the best and she did come highly recommended to me.
By Jacqueline Ellis

5 Jan 7, 2019

Great stylist

Natasha has been cutting my hair for probably a decade. I have very straight, fine hair -now very grey. She does a spectacular job of blending the layers and creating an elegant shape. I have always been very pleased with her work. She is extremely meticulous and spends an hour on my hair. I highly recommend Natasha if you are looking for a great haircut.
By Jackie

5 Oct 16, 2018

The best

I have been getting my hair cut by Natasha for at least 10 years. She is a spectacular hair stylist bar none. I have fine very straight grey hair and she does a perfect job of blending the layers. It is a bit like magic-she uses various types of scissors -cutting, blending, texturizing, blending cutting some more. She is a very detail oriented stylist-the best. The odd times I have been away and had to find another hairdresser it was never done as well and typically more expensive.
By Lise Boisvert

5 Feb 4, 2018
I was very satisfied with the final results

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