By Alanna Embury

1 14 days ago

Worst Experience Ever

As a student in search of a new hair stylist in Ottawa, I went online and found Precision Styling. I went to see Becky for a hair appointment a few months ago and spent well over $250 for a light balayage and left with my hair looking exactly the same (only slightly lighter and very dull). I did not have any box dye in my hair, and it was only done previously by professionals. Not to mention during the service she wasn't friendly at all, and I waited 25 minutes as she was running behind schedule. I tried to get a refund but nobody called me back so I decided to go to another hair stylist at another salon to fix my hair. Weeks later after basically harassing them to speak to a manager just to get a refund, an extremely not understanding and rude manager got back to me and said they had been "calling me" trying to get ahold of me and even had left several voice messages in my inbox. Since I had been eagerly waiting for their phone call back, I can guarantee that nobody had called me back and no messages had been left anywhere. To give them the benefit of the doubt, I double checked the number they had on file, and it was correct so they had definitely NOT called me. As a student with little money who had been saving up for months to get her hair done for her birthday, this is absolutely the worst hair salon experience i've ever had and I cried for weeks over my awful experience. The only good thing to come out of this experience is when my good friend who lives in the area, was looking for a place to get her, her soon to be wife, and their 11 bridesmaids hair done on her wedding day. She asked me if I knew anything about this place as she was seriously considering booking with them. Thank goodness I was able to tell her about my horrendous experience and save her from spending thousands of dollars on this place. If you're wanting to get any colour done, I would definitely consider going elsewhere to save your time and money. I've never left a salon feeling