5 7 months ago

Stone Cold Fox

Coming out of restrictions of pandemic certain business are opening again, Precision Salon being one of them. I had called at approximately 12 or 1 pm to ask if they had room for an appointment THAT SAME DAY! I know what your thinking, fat chance! Amazingly enough Hilary (the receptionist) was so sweet to go out of her way to see if the owner (Dan) would take me. So my appointmnet for a cut and full dye was set for 5 pm. To give you context I went in with roughly shoulder length hair, roots came in about 3 inches and my hair was this terrible box dye concoction. When I left I had a pin straight bob and an ashy blonde/ice blonde colour. Im also very pale with freckles and blue eyes. I'm telling you I literally I looked like I got a makeover in America's Top Model because it looked like a high level fashion hair-do. When i got home I was so excited to show everyone my wonderful hair. I quote my friend that said "you look like a stone cold fox." I promise thats a good thing! Also wonderful atmosphere, everyone is clearly happy to work there and the working relationships are fun and refreshing.